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Wedding Ceremonies

“There is only one happiness in life – to love and to be loved” George Sand
Your wedding day is your special day and should be everything you have always dreamed of – a dream come true.  I want you to imagine your perfect day and then let me make it happen for you.  The memories of your wedding day will be with you forever and we want those memories to warm your heart as a couple, and the hearts of your guests, for many years to come.

Naming Ceremonies

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body” Elizabeth Stone
Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most momentous experiences any person can have. I understand how exciting and important a naming ceremony is and I can help to make your day the individual and special occasion you want it to be, reflecting everything you wish for your child.

Commitment Ceremonies

A COMMITMENT CEREMONY is perfect for those couples who choose not to, or for whatever reason, are unable to be legally married, however wish to declare their love for one another in front of family & friends. Couples exchange rings & make vows… everything they would in a normal Marriage Ceremony, including signing their own ‘Vow of Commitment’ Certificate. It’s a beautiful way to take your relationship to that next level!
Rituals & readings may be included within the ceremony to give it that personal touch or enable others to be actively involved on the day.
Commitment Ceremonies may also be performed when there are children involved in a new relationship. The step-parent makes vows & promises to take care of the child/children as if they were his/her own.

Civil & LGBTQI Ceremonies

We regularly conduct LGBTQI marriage ceremonies and have always found these experiences absolutely enriching and joyfully fulfilling for everyone! LOVE IS LOVE and we’re delighted that Australian Marriage Law has been changed to legally include the LGBTQI community at last.
When you need a Civil Ceremony for your Wedding, Life or Funeral Ceremony, when you need a Civil Marriage or Civil Life Celebrant, let me assist you make the moment memorable.
I prepare personalised ceremonies to celebrate all of life’s important occasions for people or pets with deep respect, love and care.

Renewal of Wedding Vows

Renewing your wedding vows in Geraldton and the Mid-West have never been more popular. What a great compliment to say to the one you love, “I want to marry you again”…
At a Renewal Ceremony, you have the same options as at a wedding ceremony. The ceremony can be as varied as you like. You do not need a new marriage license or bring in your original. My role is to try to make it as easy as possible, and naturally, at an affordable price..

LGBTQI Weddings
I am always honoured now to conduct wonderfully memorable marriage services for you.